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8bitrocket GameStorm Retro-Casual Game Idea Generator

Never Again Can You Say You Don’t Have An Idea For a Game!

This is not that game, but a tool for developers and would-be game designers to help them come-up with new game ideas, organize them, and save them.

The application is designed to spit-out one of 544,404,385,800,000,000 possible game ideas at the hit of button. Most are totally useless, but among the chaff, there are some gems waiting to be found. After every game idea is presented, you will rewarded to a vocal inspirational message telling ou just how great of game idea it really is.

GameStorm was developed to support our new weekly GameStorm Podcast at 8bitrocket.com where we try to come-up with a workable game design from random input in 30 minutes or less. Load.
Click button for new ideas.
Click [Save] to save them.

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