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Bubuka vs Grizle – Ice Cream Wars

Description: You go horizontal. The computer goes on a vertical.
In the beginning it is given 200 Bubuks (Bubuka are points in a tower-right-down).
It is necessary, that at you in the end of level would remain more Bubuka.
Bubuka – the Orange – positive figures.
Grizel – a strawberry – negative figures.
With each level on a board becomes more cells.

Bubuka Vs Grizle – Icecream wars
Puzzle based game with digital logic
1. Two Ceatures in game with 3D animation and Special Effects (Grizle and Bubuka).
2. Art Designed Interface.
3. Sound and SFX
4. 20 Levels with progressive game board:
1-5 level :6×6 cells
6-10 level: 7×7 cells
1-15 level: 8×8 cells
16-20 level:10×10 cells
5. 2 Modes of game: Compaign and Instant Play (unlimited game)
6. Included Animated Tutorial and Help in Pause mode
© 2008 3D4udovishe, all rights reserved In game is Button HELP
In game there is a training step-by-step Tutorials ON/OFF

Compaign = 20 level
instant Play = unlimited game

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