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Ludo is a popular simple board game for at most four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to dice rolls.

This is a single player version of Ludo. The multiplayer version will be made soon


A player can move her token after rolling a six. She can kill oponents token only if oponents token is not in a star marked area. Player can roll if she rolles a six/kills an oponents token.

In Team Mode: Normal rules and a player can only kill oponents tokens.

Winning Condition:

In Single Player: A player wins if all her tokens reach the home location.

In Team Mode: A player wins if she and her buddie’s all tokens have reached home location. Simple: Just with mouse.
At first screen: select game mode(you can play against 3/2/1 or team up with a cpu).
Then select your color and the game starts.

Dice rolls automatically.
Click a token with your mouse to move it.
Cpu roles and moves it’s token with it’s AI.

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