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A paint program intended for pixel/sprite art. Toolbar controls, top-to-bottom, then left-to-right:

Draw Freehand, Draw Points
Rectangle, Centered Rectangle
Fill, Toggle Fill Shapes
View Left/Right/Up/Down
Zoom In, Zoom Out
Undo, Redo
Pick Color, Edit Palette
Color Cycle Left
Color Cycle Right

To pick colors click at the top palette. The view starts with an alpha-transparent image(this is why it glows).

The color cycle tool replaces your palette color with a special color. When you use a brush in the view, instead of replacing one color for another it will look for the existing color and shift it over left or right, allowing you to easily shade and highlight segments. Color cycling currently does NOT work with fill and filled rectangle.

Tool hotkeys are indicated on the buttons. The lower half of the tools use SHIFT+letter.

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